Financial Literacy Workshops

Hosting an event? We’ve got you covered.Choose from one of our prepared workshops, or let us curate the perfect tailor-made presentation for your audience.

This isn’t a boring lecture. Here’s why you’re going to absolutely love learning with us!

Cindy Marques has been in the game for 7 years, and public speaking has always been her forte. She is incredibly charismatic, knowledgeable, and can always break down complex ideas into plain language with easy-to-understand approaches. Learning feels easy (and enjoyable!) when she’s in front of the room. 

Cheesy-joke haters beware… this girl loves a good pun and will undoubtedly sprinkle in her sense of humour throughout the presentation. Be prepared to walk away from our workshops feeling uplifted, confident and financially savvy (and kinda like you could be her best friend). Cindy makes money make sense! 😉

All of our standard workshops consist of:

90 mins of presentation time
Up to 30 mins of additional Q&A, if desired
Helpful resources and worksheets provided to all attendees
Can be hosted virtually (across Canada) or in-person* (Toronto and GTA regions)
Access to exclusive offers for all attendees
$1000 + tax (standard rate)
$500 + tax (small business rate)
*$100 surcharge for in-person events
Custom-made workshops may vary in price depending on the content.

For a small investment, we really pack in the value.

Our Workshops

Choose from one of our prepared workshops, or let us curate the perfect tailor-made presentation for your audience.

1. The DIY Guide to Simple & Smart Investing

Everything you need to know to master the basics of smart investing.
Why investing is non-negotiable in the long run
Understanding your TFSA
Understanding your RRSP
How and why you should be investing in these accounts, understanding how to prioritize using one over the other, and strategies for maximizing investment growth by avoiding unnecessary taxes
Understanding stocks/ bonds/ ETFs/ Mutual Funds and how they work for you
Understanding your risk tolerance
Understanding various investment platforms and approaches
How to get yourself started with investing

2. The Freelancer’s Guide to Worry-free Finances

Everything you need to know to start and run your own business.
When is the right time to quit your job? We will show you how to create value in your offer, figure out how much money you need to live on and how how to set your rates.
Get your financial house in order. We'll cover debt management, budgeting and cashflow planning on an irregular basis and how to make saving easy and painless.
Business Management. We'll cover understanding business structures (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation), managing business revenue and managing bookkeeping and invoicing.
Tax Prep 101. We'll go over what you need to file your taxes, how much you should set aside and how to approach GST/HST.

3. Master your Credit and Dominate your Debts

Everything you need to know to take control of your credit and achieve a debt-free life.
Understanding different debt & credit products: Student loans, mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards and term loans.
How credit scores work in Canada. We'll cover what the key factors are that affect your score, the products and behaviours that affect your score and who is looking at your credit score.
How to master your money and take control. We'll cover how to improve your credit, ways to restructure your current debts and mitigate damage, debt elimination strategies and how to maintain a debt-free lifestyle.

4. How to Retire Rich

A step-by-step breakdown of everything it takes to achieve financial freedom.
What does “financial freedom” look like?
How to determine what you’ll need to live a life of abundance and freedom in retirement.
The impact of inflation.
Understanding your potential sources of income: Federal pensions, corporate pensions and how to draw money from personal accounts.
Crunching the numbers – how much do I need to save and how do I get there?
How to supercharge your progress and retire richer, sooner. A look at the FIRE methods.
How to put systems in place to stay on track and measure progress.

Let us create a custom workshop for you!

As a CFP Professional, Cindy can speak to a comprehensive array of financial planning topics. Let us know your primary areas of interest.
Cashflow Planning & Budgeting
Debt & Credit Management
Money Mindset & Financial Goal Setting
Saving & Investing
Retirement Planning
Insurance Products
Tax Planning

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